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. we are live in oakland
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where swat teams moved in on a home. what they were looking for and why they can't comment on the case just yet. >> right now the fda holding a news conference on the safety problems with the dream liner jet. this hours before a 787 makes a ground breaking flight here in the bay area. >> police in marin city remain here at the scene trying to find who shot and killed a 17- year-old boy who was just visiting his family. what his family said about why they think he was killed. you will hear from them coming up. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> it's friday january 11th. we start with breaking news from oakland. that's where a series of police raids are being carried out this morning. we are in own oakland
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neighborhood where investigators moved in hours ago. what's going on? >> reporter: well oakland police just took off. behind me here is the home that they were targeting they were talking to the people inside there for quite some time. we understand they didn't make any arrests here. officers just wrapped up the search. we are in the maxwell park neighborhood off interstate 580 where just before 5:00 officers closed in on the home on the 3100 block of montecello. this is one of half a dozen raids, most should be over by now. this particular operation dangerous because officers dealing with alleged gang members. they are be log for drugs and guns, that sort of thing. when we arrived just before five the police helicopter was overhead. we saw the tactical units, ambulance on stand by. neighbors reported hearing a loud boom. we aren't sure if this was a door being kickedn. most of the units pulled out by
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5:45, looked like it went off without a hitch and police not commenting on the case. we are told there were no arrests made at this location and police can't fill us in on the detail because they say they don't know the outcome of any of the other raids. live from oakland. ktv channel 2news. >> all right. we get to talk act the weather because it is really, really cold outside. >> yeah. steve paulson joins us now. what helped prevent the predicted record cold? >> the north wind. >> so strange. >> it'll be colder i think on sunday morning. that looks to be the coldest but morning lows, some took a while. overnight lows 24 to 44, frost and freeze warnings out for about another hour. temperatures 29 at napa, fairfield was 26, now 30 telling me a little breeze picked up. 26 not far from livermore but oakland 41, the city 44 and 47 half moon bay with a north wind of 25 miles an hour.
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san jose 37, san rafael down to 34. with that north breeze it'll be cold. we will have to -- upper 40s, low 50s. there is a possibility maybe of some scattered showers today. more than today. you can see the system on the north coast. >> time is now 7:03. we have developing news coming in from the north bay. a teen who just turned 17 years oldo was shot to death just hours ago. claudine wong is at the apartment complex. >> reporter: they are still out here. if you look behind me you can see where they set up on the 300 block of the drake. looks like they will be here for a while. this investigation will stretch through the morning and possibly in to the afternoon. as they try to figure out who shot the 17-year-old. the shooting happened at the base of the stairs you are looking at right now. they have removed the body and they are now collecting evidence down there. for hours though he remained there as his family was left to
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mourn his death. his sister gave us this picture of him. he has had a tough life. he has been in and out of juvenile home but he was making an effort to turn things around and he had just spent his holidays in a while with his family. his sister said that she heard six gun shots. she ran to his side but said there was nothing she could do. >> i -- my brother in my arms. i heard him take his last breath. he died right before my eyes. they shot my brother in his head. absolutely nothing. >> reporter: police say the first deputies on scene tried cpr but say there was nothing they could do and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. family said the housing project is a tough place to live and they have had some issues.
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they think someone shot him because they believed he had taken their stash of drugs mistakenly. police are trying to determine the motive. >> someone thought he took their stash of dope and took his life and he didn't even take it. >> we have resident who have come forward and have given us some statements and we are following up on them. >> reporter: police say this morning they did receive multiple calls about the shooting. they expect to be out here for several more hours and they are asking anyone who has any information about what happened here to give them a call. live here in marin city. >> thank you. overnight news police in fremont say a home on party court is the scene of the city's first homicide of the new year. officers found the body of a 48- year-old man inside the home early yesterday evening. two hours later a 27-year-old man showed up at the police station with a suspect murder
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weapon to turn hippings in. both the victim and the suspect lived at the home but police didn't disclose the nature of their relationship or a motive. about an hour ago pg&e crews restored power to thousands of customers in pleasanton, livermore and dublin. the outage was first reported at 4:45 at its height it affected about 2400 customers. pg&e said that a fallen tree branch triggered the outage. power was reinterested just after six. and a section of i-80 in berkeley was shut down for more than an hour after a four car injury crash. the first vehicle hit the center divide near the ashby exit. it was broadsided by another car. two other vehicle was also involved. the driver of the first car was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition and the highway 80 in berkeley was reopened about 4:30 this morning. >> all right. let's get you moving this morning. there is a new crash in san
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jose. >> that's right. not only one but two overturned vehicles southbound 280 near 7th on the way down to 101 in the southbound direction where that red indication i have. chp responding to the keep and looks like one person was able to walk out of his car. again southbound 280 at 7th on the way down the 101 there is a crash involving two overturned vehicles. let's move along to live pictures. 880 north and southbound continues to look good. if you are driving to the toll plaza you will like what you see. there is a small delay. there are no problems getting onto the bridge. >> thank you. a very good cold morning, 20s, 30s and 40s, enough of a breeze held temperatures up a little bit though some have dipped in to the upper 20s but not as many as first thought. sunday will be the day of the coldest air because that looks to be hardly any clouds or breeze. one system, one more on saturday coming down. until then a profit and freeze
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warning until eight. for good reason. if the wind stops at all temperatures just plunge. they are being held up a bit. yesterday's system went more parallel to the coast. this looks like its tracking more east and there is i think we will get a few more build ups over the inland areas today than yesterday but along the coast greater opportunity for showers there. 30s, 40s, fairfield was 26, vacaville 28, east livermore 26, 45sfo, northwest winds 14 miles an hour. north wind of 25 but some of the temperatures pacifica, half moon bay held up because of that north wind. if it collapses and drops five, ten degrees but it doesn't look like it'll. plenty of moisture. there will be one more saturday night, mainly goes along the coast but i will tell if you they -- move it could putin land areas possibility of showers. probably breezy and cold.
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20s, 30s, in the afternoon upper 40s and 50s. frost and freeze warnings overnight and if you are traveling south ecalifornia they are in on the party too, down to la, everybody is in on cold warnings and watches. cool and breezy today. 40s for some, upper 40s, low 50s, people around 80,000 feet. warmest temperatures by the bay or ocean. they won't be that much warmer than inland. the coldest air is here today but i think the coldest temperature will be sunday morning. tomorrow one more system saturday afternoon, evening if you are going to the 49er game i think the game time temperature will be 49 and then getting colder during the game. should clear out by the second half. next week happy to say sunny and warmer. >> all right. former death row inmate now accused of killing his mother is due in court this afternoon. police say that the 70-year-old dennis stanworth confessed to
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killing his 90-year-old mother in their home in week. he is a convicted killer first sentenced to death in 1966 for killing two teen girls. the sentence was changed to life. california briefly got rid of the death penalty in 1974. then he was released on parole in 1990. the city of san jose is expanding its search for a new police chief. earlier this week officials interviewed three finalists but now the city manager wants more time to consider them and look at extra candidates. the current police chief chris moore plans to retire a week from today. >> the week long kicker controversy is over and the 49ers are sticking with david akers for tomorrow night's game against the green bay packers. the coach announced his decision yesterday. it was a vote of confidence to a kicker who is having the worst season of his 15 year
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career. the 49ers signed kicker billy kundiff last week. he will stay on the roster but probably won't play tomorrow night. hopefully everything will go well. and a programming reminder. we have coverage of the big game. we start with the playoff, play book at four, tommed by the pregame show at 4:30, kickoff just after five and after the game mark ibanez hosts the point after. hopefully it'll be a good point after. >> let's hope. the pastor for the inauguration steps aside. what he said two decades ago that's forced him to withdraw. >> and a vice president creates controversy over statements on gun control and the group he is talking too today on this sensitive topic. >> and reports of a simple way to reduce traffic. what a new report says about the problem problems with the
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traffic monitoring system.
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. cold out there, no doubt about it, frost and freeze warnings until eight and partly sunny, partly cloudy, could see a few scattered showers. >> all right. the pastor who was supposed to deliver the benediction at the president's inauguration is now backing out. that's after remarks he made two decades ago condemning the gay rights movement. he had called same sex relationships sinful. spokesperson said the committee wasn't aware of the comments at the time of his selection. she said he was picked because his conferences attract tens of thousands of young people. >> the vice president's comment this week that the president might issue an exive order to restrict guns created
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an out cry among gun owners groups. it wouldn't be the first time the president has used an executive. >> reporter: and it speaks to it when people say -- you shake your head and say i covered that. in 1989 the school shooting in stockton california that really started the california push in the federal push to ban cerna assault weapons, that led to an executive order by the first president bush to ban the import of cerna assault weapons, it was seven expanded ronde in 1998 with an order as well by the president bill clinton who also used the order. the question though is can you use the order to do anything wide ranging? i would say my review of federal gun you laws i don't see the legal under pinning. i'm no legal expert but i don't
7:18 am
see the under pinning for the administration to do much more than nibble around the edges, maybe with background checks, when you look at the system in the 1993 brady law but not much more. in terms of -- basically forcing registration and more it may not be on secure legal ground to use executive records for-- orders for that. >> so the vice president spoke to the nra, is any progress being made? >> reporter: when you look at the nra they accused biden in their statement of attacking the second amendment. there is not much common ground between the nra and the administration. today in the video game issue representatives of the video game industry will be here after last night we members of the entertainment industry. there are a lot of people who
7:19 am
pointed the finger at violence on tv, in movies, in video games and saying there is a link even that and violence in the real world. something the entertainment industry has denied and they have studies to back it up. at this point in time its one of the many things being looked at by the vice president. he said yesterday that he will deliver his recommendations on how best to stem gun violence to the president by next tuesday. i think the administration knows that they can't wait until the end of the month. they have to get moving on this to try to have any chance of getting changes through the congress. there will be people who may be change their minds on a few things but the second amendment very divisive. >> all right. live from washington. thank you. you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog on the website. just go to go to the politics page. >> there is a new poll out about the popularity of the united states congress and finally poll takers filed
7:20 am
things that people hate more than lawmakers. overall only 9% of those surveyed approved of congress. that compares to 85% who don't. the people surveyed said they have a higher opinion of root canals than congress. 56 to 32%. even approved more of head lice. 67 to 19, ouch. now congress did manage to beat out telemarketers, playground bullies, and the kardashians. electricking tall train is the top priority for the high speed rail project. that's what the regional director of the high speed rail authority told a packed audience yesterday. he said there is still to many hurdles but he thinks they can be overcome. he said that will mean three hour train trips between san
7:21 am
francisco and los angeles by the year 2029. something to think about as you head out the door. a new report talking about how traffic monitoring systems are failing here in the bay area. reports show that in december only 49% of the bay area traffic sensors worked. only 61% of those electronic message boards were working. the ktvu first told you about these traffic monitoring problems during a special report we did last august. back then the transportation committee called for an investigation. researchers say investing in reliable tools could help traffic jams by about 5%. >> three years after a devastating quake haiti is still in dire straits. they need medicine, food and clean water. in addition hurricane sandy wiped out 50% of the crops. a rally will be held at 4:30
7:22 am
this afternoon outside the oakland red cross on broadway. activists say the red cross got hundreds of millions of dollars in donations but they say little of that money went to help survivors. they say it's in the middle of a four year plan to help. california could have a mega quake that's felt all long the fault. they had believed that a quake felt on the north part of the fault which runs through the bay area would not spread to southern california and they fought the reverse was true because both sections are locked but the central section of the fault -- the new information after the 2011 quake in japan proved that's wrong. hard to imagine a quake along the entire fault. >> all right. we know it's cold outside this morning so bundle up.
7:23 am
look outside. even feels cold on tv. not as cold as expected. up next steve paulson comes back. what saved us this morning from dipping in to subfreezing temperatures. >> and dozens of cars in east oakland go up in flames. what firefighters found outside the building that could consider this fire suspicious. . >> good morning, we have good- looking traffic on highway 4 but nearby we have slow traffic. where that is and what's going on. [ fingers tapping ]
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. welcome back. investigators in oakland say a fire at a car shop in east oakland was set on purpose. it started about 7:30 last night near 55th avenue and foothill. firefighters say it started a burning mattress outside the building, then spread inside about a dozen cars were badly damaged. nobody was hurt. >> people in san francisco's
7:26 am
marina green are trying to stop a new restaurant from opening in their neighborhood. neighbors in a half dozen homes along the boulevard have put signs in their windows reading stop restaurant on marina green. a seafood restaurant wants to open up in a nearby empty building and this is an artist rendering of it. the board is scheduled to take up the matter later this month. >> sal have you fixed the drive yet? >> we have that san jose problem that i was just watching here. northbound and southbound 280, put it on the maps for you. southbound at 7 the traffic is a effected by a crash. a couple of cars have overturned here and the traffic is going to be busy in this area. southbound 280, northbound 280 looks okay driving past the scene. despite a moment's slow down. let's go to live pictures of the bridge. that traffic looks good out to highway 101 and beyond to the
7:27 am
bayshore freeway. the bay toll plaza has been light. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have a very cold conditions out there but wasn't for a breeze it would be colder. it'll be sunny for a while. i think we will get partly cloudy later on. there is the possibility of maybe a little more build up over the hills than yesterday. freeze and frost warnings until eight, overnight 24 to 44, some areas its calm and the temperatures drop. other areas not far the breeze is still there. just depends today. 20s, 30s and 40s. mike in the city said that the wind was bouncing around and then dropped to 40. another reading of 41, 29napa, fairfield was 26, i know east livermore was 26 as well. vacaville 28, system dropping down. yesterday's system was off shore. this one looks like it wants to
7:28 am
stay closer, hug the coast. so possibility of showers later on. own more on saturday afternoon. sun and cloud cans, maybe -- maybe isolated showers, if you live toward san jose. i think bigger build up its ono the clouds later this afternoon. upper 40s, low 50s. just saw outeat in somebody in san diego saying frost warnings out. it's cold all the way in the state. it'll be warmer next week. >> all right. thank you. it's a strange plot that ended in death at a east bay apartment. why the suspect could be free by the end of the day. >> we are live from the international airport where the first direct flight from san jose to asia in years is set to take off but there are questions about that air craft. the investigation being launched today when mornings on 2 continues.
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. there is a traffic problem on 280 southbound, two overturned vehicles, we have news chopper 2 on the way. southbound 280 at 7th, two overturned cars as you head down toward highway 101. some may avoid 280 and use 101. news chopper two is on the way and we will let you know more straight ahead. the time 7:31. >> thank you. new in just a few hours the new boeing dream liner jet will take off from san jose's airport for the first time and just moments ago the faa wrapped up a news conference tied to the growing concerns about the safety of that type of jet. we are live from the airport in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:34 am
all over san jose international airport there are signs advertising the airline, ana, it's flight to tokyo. it takes off at 11:45 a.m. in the last hour we were able to learn about the investigation in to the air craft that will be flying that route. the faa and the department of transportation announced at a news conference that they will be conducting a major review of boeing's 787 dream liner's electrical system. this week a flight on ana had to be canceled because of brake problems with the plane. that followed a fuel leak that happened on a 787 that had to cancel takeoff in boston and prior to that on monday a dream liner operated by japan airlines experienced a fire in its battery. the head of the department of transportation said their review will look at the design, manufacturing and assembly of the plane to try it find out the causes of recent problems. the president of boeing wazoo asked if outsourcing caused it.
7:35 am
>> it went through a long process, most flights ever done. all those issues, it's not a -- these are not an issue of the outsourcing. we have complete confidence in our production system, in our plans and the manufacturing process that goes along with them as well as the design. >> reporter: ana will fly to tokyo five-days a week from the airport. it's the first direct flight in six years. san jose is also the first airport in the bay area to have this dream liner that has been called advanced and fuel efficient. now coming up in just a few hours we are supposed to get a tour of that air craft and there will be transportation officials here as well as the head of the airline and we plan to ask them about these developments. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. the suspects in a strange plot in pittsburgh could be released
7:36 am
from jail by the end of the day. so far prosecutors have declined to file charges in this complex case. police say a young woman plotted with her lover and three others to commit a home invasion robbery. police say it was to try to scare her estranged husband and make him want to move out of the home. the plot turned deadly though when the husband fatally stabbed the man who broke in. san francisco's famed lounge will celebrate it's grand reopening this afternoon. it's on jefferson street. to celebrate the bar will serve 25-cent irish coffee between four and seven. the gold dust lounge was forced to move from its location in union square after its landlord leased the building to a tenant interested in retail space. >> time now 7:35, the super bowl may not necessarily mean super returns for santa clara if they are able to get it. the new 49ers stadium is one of three finalists to host the
7:37 am
super bowl in 2016 or 2017. however the mercury news reports the nfl has a new list of demands including tax breaks and also leasing the stadium and other local venues at lower than normal rates. santa clara officials are debating if the city can make any money if they agree to those terms. pepsi and anheiser bush are teammates. they both have ads running during the game and now want to combine forces for maximum impact. store displays will see their drinks side by side along with their snack brands which include doritos. the bay area is swarming with cheese head from green bay this morning. packer fans here for tomorrow's big playoff game against the 49ers. coming up for you at 7:45, pam cook will show you why the game could not have come at a better time for a lot of local
7:38 am
businesses. >> all those cheese heads are probably laughing at us thinking the weather is cold. >> right. >> this is balmy. let's check in with sal and sal still problems on 280? >> we have a problem in the valley. 280 southbound as you drive through san jose at 7th. you can take a look at this at the 7th street off ramp is closed for injury crash. a couple of different vehicles overturned. 280 northbound, the southbound 280 is a little bit slow. want to put it on the map to show you what we are talking about. that's 280 southbound in san jose. let's move along and take a look at live picture of the toll plaza. i think you will like it. usually its much worse than this. there is a small delay here and on the bridge it goes good in to the city. >> thank you. a very good cold cold morning. from eureka, down to san diego,
7:39 am
there are egg watches or warnings for cold readings, this morning and into the weekend. the coldest morning will be sunday morning. enough of a breeze stirred up the atmosphere. some areas not far. the wind wasn't that bad. a cold wind but ten degree differences in temperatures and area that are close. now another cold pattern will take us officer sunday things start to improve. next week looking sunny and warmer but the next couple today and then one more system that's coming down. the same highway on saturday, saturday afternoon. the system right here could give us a shower activity and there could be more build ups today. we are starting to see that a little bit. some of the clouds comingn. responsibility of a hue isolated showers, this is the cloud to rain forecast. by noon a thicker band. by 2:00 i think we go partly to mostly cloudy and that includes inland. later today get out of the way so you can see it, 3:00 cloudy
7:40 am
and maybe a couple hit and miss showers by san jose. maybe in the valley toward the mountains and again if it's -- we can get enough moisture we could get snow levels down to 1500 or 1800 feet. just hugging the coast but that is through saturday. i think saturday afternoon the evening things clear out. if you are going to the 49 game looks like game time temperature at 49 degrees and getting colder throughout the afternoon and evening. could be a few clouds in the first half and maybe isolated shower or two but most should be gone and then after that just cold sunday morning and we look for 20s and 30s. 29napa, 20s here and there but mainly 40s closer to the coast in the city as well. if you get that breeze it feels a lot colder. there is the system coming down. it'll sweep by today and then one more tomorrow but that cold air is in place and not budging. today the colder air but this isn't the coldest morning.
7:41 am
there could be some over the east bay hills into the valley or along the coast. upper 40s, very low 5-a it's going to be a cool cool breezy day and more cloud cover, about 47 to 52 should cover the spread for everybody. clouds, few showers saturday is and then gone, sunday morning we will be cold that. will be the cold cannest. that will be inland. still cool monday but temperatures start to rebound tuesday and most of next week. >> the motive for the school shooting near la plus update on the student who was hurt. >> and i could see the bottom she was on fire and i told the guys we have to get this guy out. >> a witness describes his efforts to try to save the driver whose truck fell off the overpass in vallejo. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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. slighter lower, boeing is down over 2% right now. wells fargo is down 1.6% after the bank reported mortgage lending showed the quarter even as it's revenue beat estimates, best by those up 12%. the struggling electronics retailer reported it's online revenue rose and united states sales improving. taking a like look the dow down 13, the nasdaq down 5, s and p down 3. happening now the president and afghanistan president are meeting to discuss united states troops in afghanistan. they have yet to agree on how many united states troops are needed in afghanistan after the war ends. >> reporter: the war is scheduled to wrap up by the end of 2014. the united states does plan on having most if not all troops
7:45 am
out of afghanistan by then. afghanistan president believes as many as 15,000 should stay behind after the war ends. he wants to ensure that al- qaeda is dismantled there and forces can run without help from the united states. he also has a military equipment wish list. he spent yesterday meeting pentagon leaders and asked for helicopters and drones to ensure security in afghanistan when nato leaves at the end of next year. >> fair to say we made some very good progress on all of the key issue that we discussed. >> reporter: now the white house said that the president and the afghanistan president won't finalize any plans today but it's important they move in the same direction when it comes to troop numbers and timelines withdrawing from their country. leadership changing hands at the pentagon will also play a role in all of this and i will have more on that when i see you next. live in washington. ktvu channel 2news. >> new this morning from
7:46 am
pakistan some shiites are refusing to bury their dead after terrorist attacks. it's a protest to demand that the government do something to protect them from attacks. >> colorado a court arraignment is scheduled for the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting rampage. the judge ruled there is enough evidence for james holmes to stand trial on 160 felony charges. 12 people were killed, 58 others were hurt in that attack in july. holmes is expected to enter a plea but his lawyers may ask for a delay. we have new details now about yesterday's shooting at a central california high school that left a student fighting for his life. it happened in taft. that's south of bakersfield. authorities say the 16-year-old shooter took the gun from his brother and targeted students who bullied him for more than a year. video showed him trying to hide the gun as he went into the
7:47 am
school from a side entrance. once inside he shot one student and targeted another before a teacher talked him into giving up. >> we want to update you on a major character we reported on yesterday. a pick um truck slammed in to a big rig on highway 37 in vallejo. the big rig then went over the railing and fell 30 feet, three people including an off duty paramedic pulled the driver out from the burning wreck. the driver, william ballard lost consciousness and later died. >> should i have done this, what else could i have done? it's still surreal and it does bother me. >> the paramedic had second degree burns on his left arm. he hopes to find the other two who risked their lives to thank them. deputies in san mateo are looking for the person they say stole a baby jesus. deputies say on new year's
7:48 am
someone stole baby jesus, the virgin mary and joseph from a scene in wood side. they were -- 15 families in the neighborhood pooled their money to buy the scene . >> it's official. california's pentacles monument is the newest national park. the president signed a bill yesterday giving it national park status. that is expected to boost tour. >> and business as well. it gets its name from rock formations a volcano . it's a very popular area for rock climbers. this weekend the bay area is being invaded by packer backers. however, pam cook is in studio to tell us why this is a very good thing. >> reporter: yes. this is normally a pretty slow time in the tourist spots.
7:49 am
the weather is pretty cold for us. >> when we left home it was 20 so this is warm. >> reporter: spoken like a true green bay fan. they are filling hotels to cheer on green bay in the division playoff game against the 49ers. of course while in town you normally see the sights, try the local restaurants and grab things n is a nice boost to the local economy. >> we are just -- good portion of our guests to be packer fans, we have a room for them so it should be fun. >> some of the sports bars also and restaurants are running specials for game day. they are going to welcome everybody. you may see a lot of green and yellow around town but from treasure island you can seat city is showing its support for the niners. there is the tour all in red. the ferry building also lit up in red. what i'm happy tolter is that the green bay fans say they
7:50 am
are being treated well and san francisco fans are polite. make sure you watch us tomorrow for game day coverage. we start with playoff play book. that's at 4:00 p.m. that's tommed by the fox pregame show at 4:30. the kickoff to the big game just after five. after the game mark ibanez will host the point after. >> american express is cutting 5400 jobs before the end of this year. they say that's about 9% of its total work worse. they said the bulk of the jobs that will be eliminated will be in the travel division because fewer people are using travel agencies. they said that it plans to hire new workers for its customer service division. the campbell soup plant will layoff 290 workers on
7:51 am
february 1st. last september the company affianced it's shutting down the production facility because it costs more to operate than any other soup plant in the country. workers say they are helping each other stay strong during their final days. >> say this about the organization. they are holding up well. lot of respect for the work force and the organization. >> the company said people are not buying as much canned soup as they used to. production at the plant will be shifted to texas, ohio and north carolina. now in contrast ford is hiring. 2200 computer programmers, engineers and other white collar workers, they say that's in addition to the 8100 jobs it added in the last year. ford said increased production and new models require more works. they say demand for cars, trucks and suv's is at the highest level since before the recession started. >> a real life batman is
7:52 am
fighting crime he has become a hit on facebook. he wants to keep his name a secret to protect his family. during the day he is a college student but at night he slips on his dark suit and walks the streets of downtown. now he said he isn't trying to do the job of the police department but if he sees crime he does report it to the authorities. he also wants to host charity events in the future including cleaning up the city. in florida another hero was seen climbing a tall building. it's a window washer dressed up as spiderman to help cheer up kids who are sick in the hospital. he climbed them using ropes but it wasn't only the kids who liked it. people on the ground were also watching and were amazed by what they saw. >> warner brothers movie studio owns all the rights to the super man franchise.
7:53 am
the studio said a letter written in 2001 shows the studio and the heirs of the co creator agreed to a deal for the right. they call it a legal victory that lets them pay the family for the rights. if the decision had gone against them 42 would have had to start new negotiations. responding to a tragedy over the holidays. what's happening weekend to help a south bay family that was devastated by a deadly fire. >> and the rescue to get this deer to safety from the middle of a frozen lake.
7:54 am
7:55 am
. good morning. that crash in san jose is still there on southbound 280 as you head down toward highway 17. the traffic is busy. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. the crash has been moved so they have just
7:56 am
reopened the off ramp southbound 280 at 7ing. northbound traffic not affected. this accident with injuries in san jose has slowed traffic down. >> got to show you this. this scared deer stranded in the middle of a frozen lake. the deer tried to get out several times, trying, trying, but the ice, too slippery. final a man with a lasso got him. pulled him to safety and after that the deer calmly walked away back in to the wild. >> new this morning three americans among the seven killed in a motel fire in a resort town in the philippines. the fire started early today on the ground floor of the hotel. all of the victims died of smoke inhalation but investigators are still looking in to the cause of the fire. we do know that one of the americans killed was from alaska, we are still waiting to
7:57 am
hear information about the other two. two car washes are planned in san jose this weekend to help pay funeral expenses for a family killed by a fire late last month. the apartment fire on bridge port court killed the couple and their 4-year-old granddaughter. investigators are still searching for the cause of the fire. the car washes will be held at the agave restaurant this saturday and sunday from nine to four. the family wanted to be buried in mexico. >> time now just about 7:56. let's go back to sal. get you to where you need to go. >> >> we have been watching traffic all over the bay area and in other parts of the south bay. we told you about that crash southbound 280 at seven. we have slow traffic this morning. northbound as you drive up to the valley. its going to be slow as you can see driving up to 880. bay bridge toll plaza much lighter than usual.
7:58 am
no major problems, the traffic continues to look good into the city. if you are driving in haywood slow of traffic as you drive from haywood to fremont. >> thank you. well nice tweet from lauri section she said it's 34 and hymn not happy. i believe you. it's cold. if you put a breeze in there it makes it worse. it'll be sunny for a while. clouds are increasing already. we have a north wind, freeze warning, it's about done but it's still going to be cold. 20s, 30s and some 40s. the breeze is what saved most locations. the coldest morning will be sunday morning. little system. already tracking morin land than yesterday which was more off shore. i think we will get a lot of cloud cover. you see some of that starting to move over the north bay and it'll continue to give us a partly to mostly cloudy afternoon. maybe isolated showers, east bay hills, not surprise me later on today. upper 40s, very low 50s. it'll be a cool chilly day. one more system saturday, very
7:59 am
similar, same pattern. sunday morning will be the coldest inland temperatures, mid20s and then monday, tuesday things start to improve. next week looking sunny and warmer. >> more on the top stories this morning, plus more traffic coming up.
8:00 am
8:01 am
123450er. good morning. >> i'm dave clark. it's friday january 11th. >> we want to check in with steve. it's really cold this morning but not as cold as it could have been. >> that's true. we had a bit of a breeze stir it up. clouds coming in right now but this system you can see we will go mostly cloudy, lot of high clouds, heard from chloe, 29, partly cloudy, breezy, some of this cold air is trapped and we could get isolated showers today. 30 we, we had a few 20s but i think temperatures today, really struggling to warm up, some sun but a lot of cloud cover and with that north breeze it'll be cool. if there is any available moisture it could be around 1800 feet. probably closer to the coast but closer today than yesterday. we will talk about what could be the coldest day of the weekend in the weather segment.
8:02 am
>> all right. we have developing news from oakland where several police raids are happening morning. we are in oakland with the details. what has been going on and what's happening now? >> reporter: we have just switched locations and we won't tell you where we are because we don't want to endanger anything. if you look behind me you can see a row of police cars and we understand that at least two arrests have been made. officers zeroing in on a home very close to us, it's over on the left hand side. earlier this morning police served a warrant at a home in maxwell park neighborhood off interstate 580. we have learned police didn't take any evidence, nor did they make any arrests. this is one of a half dozen high risk warrants served in oakland and other cities in california. in an update from oakland police we have learned they are tied to ongoing investigations regarding violent crime, weapons, gang activity and other offenses.
8:03 am
now the raid where we spent all morning long, some of the top brass were there so we believe police were expecting to find a lot more than they did. police of course looking for drugs, guns, that sort of thing. now we saw the police helicopter this morning, tactical units, a very, very busy morning for opd. back here live you can see they are still here on the scene and police can't fill us in on all of the details because we don't know the outcome of all of the raids this morning. you can see them walking out right there. oakland police have issued a statement saying that nobody in the public is in any danger. if you notice activity going on in your neighborhood they say that there are certainly no problems, these are just warrants they are serving and everything has been going well this morning. >> we are also following the sloping story of a homicide. a teen boy who is in the bay
8:04 am
area to celebrate his birthday with relatives is now dead. the victim's loved ones are devastated. >> reporter: they are still trying to make sense of what happened out here. i want to give you a look at the scene. this area is still taped off. you can see the sheriff's vehicle here in the last couple hours, a lot of the patrol units have left the scene but they are still processing the area out here. the shooting happened at the base of the stairs are you looking at. right next to this set of units. the victim a 17-year-old doesn't live here but several family members including his sisters, brother and mother all do. he was in town just visiting here to celebrate his birthday four days ago and now his family is mourning his death. his sister gave us this picture of him. he lived up in weed with his father which is about four hours north of here just past redding. he was in town spend time with his family. they say he has had a tough life but didn't know anyone
8:05 am
here. >> i see him five minutes before it happened. he was coming to check up on me. to make sure i was okay because there was stuff going on by my house. >> reporter: what kind of stuff? >> some guy was acting crazy, like he was doing something -- then i guess he -- i don't know what he was doing, i don't know. >> reporter: what did you say? >> suspicious, my brother was freaked out and was like we have to be careful because guys popping up like that. >> reporter: the family said they have had problems recently in this housing project. they say the mother's unit was sprayed with gun fire and groups have been bothering them. the other sister said she think he someone mistakenly thought he took their drugs. >> he got shot because of the things i guess that we have been [inaudible] >> reporter: you think he got shot because of your family? >> i -- everybody knows who we are. just us. everybody knows who we -- he is
8:06 am
my brother. >> reporter: again police remain out here on scene. they won't give us official thoughts on motive or any possible suspects, they say they are still trying to gather that information. they plan to be out here most of the morning this say that could stretch in to the afternoon. live in marin city. >> this week's crash by an oil teenager to the bainbridge could lead to big changes for big ships passing under the bridge. a safety board is considering new restrictions for tankers heading in and out of the bay in foggy weather. on monday an empty tanker hit the bridge tower and caused millions of dollars in damage. parents of bullied children in vallejo now accusing the school district of taking to long to answer their complaints. the times herald report that some of the frustrated parents interrupted wednesday's meeting by taking the stage and
8:07 am
demanding to be heard. one parent said it took two months before the school district responded to her complaint. school officials are promising to review their policies and also schedule meetings about school safety. >> want to check in with sal. i know are you listening to the scanners. >> yeah. there is a lot going on. just checking in on the last minute information getting here. there is an accident 880 northbound. our news chopper 2 is in the area. we are looking at a big back up and let me just update this. it looks like the accident may be southbound, but we are getting reports of this crash really making traffic slow. it's 880 south -- it's an injury accident. you request see all the slow traffic leaving haywood and getting down to it union city this morning. it wasn't this slow just a few moments ago. they are clearing the accident, traffic is going do be very busy in this area.
8:08 am
let's go out to a good-looking picture of the bay bridge. normally we see this whole thing jammed up with cars. today it's backed up very little at all. metering lights still on but they should go off soon. if you are going into san francisco i think you will like what you see. driving on the peninsula the other side of the bay. its going to be a little bit slow, 280 a better route to get down. let's go to steve. >> thank you. very good cold morning, already clouds building up off the coast and also in the north bay higher clouds starting to work down. i think we have a mostly cloudy day, better opportunity for inland showers today, although the best area would be along the coast. north wind, that helped temperatures up. i heard from d enise31. there is a lot of temperature. i think they will be on sunday morning. overnight lows 20s, 30s and
8:09 am
40s. it'll be back -- i think it's when we will verify. most of the breeze, more cloud cover inland than it did yesterday so bears watching as it starts to move down. with the cloud cover coming in that will trap all this cold air so it'll be a chilly day. 30s on the temperatures or some 40s. 42 in the city. sfo has had a good breeze. patrick redwood shores 36 degrees. you don't have to go far to find colder temperatures, half moon bay airport 47. i think it was 35, 36, san jose 37, there is been upper 20s, napa, all reporting some 20s this morning. there will be moreover the weekend. the system will continue to work along the coast, right on top of the coast and that will make for a cool day. so cold air is in place. it's not going away until next week. most the shower activity would be closer to the coast but i think later today we will start to see cloud cover by two,
8:10 am
little chicker, already coming down now and by four to five or six you can see little bit of pop up shower activity, especially out east. the next system should be a fast mover. i still think the game time temperature for the 49er game will be 49 degrees and i'm not just making that up. i think that's what it'll be. cool and breezy, isolated showers and temperatures very, very cool. upper 40s, low 50s. i mean there is some 20s, and lake county and it's going to be a cool day there. many locations will struggle to get over about 49 degrees inland. by the coast you are helped along a little bit because it's with the lows and the water. we have a very very cold weekend. one more system saturday, sunday will be very cold in the morning. isolated areas, some teens but a lot of 20s inland, 30s close to the coast. next week after monday sunny and warmer. >> thank you.
8:11 am
the governor revealed his new budget this morning with something that was not seen in many years in california. a surplus. the governor said california's budget deficit has disappeared because of new tax revenue from proposition 30 and a lot of spending cuts. his budget calling for increased funding to education including $2.7 billion more to k through 12 schools. what's creating controversy is the governor's budget calls for giving more money to school districts that serve low income. he says growing up in compton or richmond is not like growing up in loss gatos or piedmont but others disagree and say the money should go out equally. the cal state university system starts it's online program next week. each campus will focus on different areas, the first will be offered by cal state fullerton. monterey bay is also taking
8:12 am
part. it's already taking applications for master's degrees in information technology, instructional science and technology and management. you can sign up or get more information by going to cal state >> just about an hour from right now a campus protest planned by angry students, teachers and staff members at city college of san francisco will begin. they are angry about the administration's response to the crisis that may force the college to close. this week city college asked for an extension much of the deadline. the board has warn fire department the school fails to show improvement it may be shut down. that exotic pet found guarding a marijuana stash has died. his name was mr. teeth and you can see why. a 16 year old caimen. it was found next to $100,000
8:13 am
worth of pot. mr. teeth was in critical condition when it was taken to the oakland zoo. it died several hours later. meantime the owner of the animal was in court yesterday on drug charges. he also faced animal abuse charges. >> response times will increase by about four minutes or by about a minute when four stations close next week. fire houses in martinez, clayton, lafayette and balance net creek will all be affected starting tuesday. concerned members attended a meeting last night. facial officials hope to work with amr ambulance and using strategic deploy members. still some say they are worried. >> they just took care of my husband here not to long ago. i just think that they aren't going to be around it does upset me.
8:14 am
>> the fire district said a parcel tax that failed would have kept the stations open. >> another big white house meeting today about reducing gun violence. who the vice president will meet with. >> and eye search for a new police chief. why it's back to square one. ty and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh.
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♪ ♪ dominate that pta bake sale. the everyday collection. by target. . we have a multivehicle
8:17 am
accident in union city here. news chopper 2 is over the scene. this is a couple of cars have overturned here, just off the freeway. this is on the road, right in front of the union landing shopping center. west of interstate 880. really in front of lowe's. it's a good area to avoid. heading west or east. probably a goodyear to avoid. if you are trying to get off the freeway i would advise you not to use the exit from 880 because of this crash. we will watch it for you and let you know more about it. >> thank you. volunteers reaching out to the homeless making sure they are able to keep warm during this cold snap. all 138 beds at the catholic charities shelter are filled right now. to help those who will still out in the cold workers will hand out supplies in downtown santa rosa this morning. in san jose church members handed out blankets at homeless
8:18 am
camps. >> it's cold. you have gloves on and you will be under like three blankets and till be cold. >> last year they passed out almost 7,000 blankets. and to give you the idea of how cold it is in the south bay look at should video of mount hamilton. it got a little dusting of snow. the winter condition as tracted some visitors yesterday who wanted to get the up close look. >> the vice president meets today at the white house with representatives of the video game industry about reducing gun violence. he will present recommendations from his meetings, this week to the president next tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives the entertainment industry and from gun owners groups. 2012 is a rough year for the video game industry. united states video game and game system sales dropped, 22% last month.
8:19 am
game sales dropped 26%. yearly sales of games rated that were rated higher than pg barely topped $13 billion. spa. the north bay a over flow crowd at the third and final community forum about gun vie convenience. mike thompson was the host. he is the chairman of the congressional gun violence prevention task force. last night people packed the hallways and a over flow room waiting for a chance to speak. among them the widow of a councilman shot and killed last year. >> i strongly support our right to own and use guns. however the unchecked acts of violent criminals takes away the rights of others to live a safe and protected life. >> i'm really happy to see that there is stuff a big turn out for people that believe that we should have firearms
8:20 am
and be responsible for them and more training in that area and it's just really good to see this many people out here. >> the congressman thompson previously held meetings in vallejo and napa. he will take back to washington what he heard in our area. >> a former death row inmate now accused of killing his own mother is due in court. police say that the 70-year-old confessed to killing his mother in their vallejo home this week. he was first sentenced to death in 1966 for killing two teen girls but his sentence was changed to life when california briefly got rid of the death penalty in 1974. then he was released on parole in 1990. san jose is expanding its search for a new police chief. earlier this week they interviewed three finalists for the job but now the manager
8:21 am
said she wants more time to consider them and look at additional candidates. the current chief plans to retire a week from today. weeks after metal thieves stole a war memorial from a park donations are now coming into pay for a new one. a bronze and copper plaque honoring vietnam vets was taken from walnut park. authorities think that thieves used an electric saw to remove it from its base. the press democrat reports veterans and supporters have raised more than 9 you $9,000 to replace it. >> we just checked the new year continues to be good for facebook stock. shares are up 1.5% right now. that means the price is up 11% since the first trading day of 2012. the stock prices gained 78% from the low hit back in september but analysts are wondering if it'll be able to
8:22 am
continue that after announcing a news conference with a mystery topic is scheduled for tuesday. apple ceo tim cook said that apple's number one market will be china. cook is in china meeting with regulators and managers of phone companies, he won't say when he expects china to replace the united states as the biggest consumer market for apple products. wal-mart is selling the i- phone 5 without a contract. only the 16gig model is available but you can get black or white. it costs $649. the customers who buy it in the store can apply for a no interest loan with payments of $25 a month. there is an unlimited talk, text and data plan for another $45 ammo. it's available through straight talk wireless. >> caltrain is the top
8:23 am
priority for the part in the high speed rail project. that's what the regional director of the authority told a packed audience yesterday. he said there are still many hurdles but he believes they can be overcome. he said that will mean three hour train trips between san francisco and los angeles by the year 2029. here is something to think as you head out the door. a new report reveals how traffic monitoring systems failing in the bay area. in december only 49% of the bay area traffic sensors were working and only 61% of electronic message boards working. we first found the problems in a special report last august. back then the transportation committee called for an investigation. researchers say investing in reliable tools could help traffic jams by about 5%.
8:24 am
>> haiti still has major problems, three years after a devastating quake there. peace crop groups saying they need a lot of medicine, food and clean water. hurricane sandy wiped out 70% of their crops. today human rights groups holding vigils around the world. one will be held at 4:30 this afternoon outside the oakland red cross building. activists say the red cross received hundreds of millions of dollars in donations but they say very little has really gone to help the quake survivors. the red cross said it's in the middle of a four year plan to help those victims. experts say california could have a mega quake felt along the entire fault. they believed a quake felt on the northern part of the fault would not spread to southern california. they also thought the reverse was true because both sections
8:25 am
locked. the central section of the fault creams creeps which they thought provided a buffer zone. now they found that can be wrong. amazing video, a dust storm, that's a dust storm. this is off the western coast of australia. a giant red cloud of dust passing over the town. dry conditions and strong winds created absolutely perfect conditions. >> it's such a strange color too. >> yeah. >> lot of strange things down there in australia why. a new twist in a 20 year old missing person case has a man turned up alive and how police were able to track him down. >> and looking out the window at a cold january morning in the bay area. steve paulson is coming back. he said it may get warm again. he will tell you when. >> good morning.
8:26 am
westbound 24 looks good. we will tell you more about the weather and drive.
8:27 am
8:28 am
. just about a half hour from now a map accused of kidnapping his children and trying to get away in a stolen yacht is due in court. the 43-year-old is charged with kidnapping his children from a
8:29 am
south san francisco home last september. investigators say he stole a boat after that and headed for mexico. the four day chase ended when the yacht ran out of fuel. his children were safely returned. >> a nearly two decade child kidnapping case has taken a new twist. richard wayne landers junior went missing in 1994 at the age of five after being taken by his grandparents during a custody battle. until now investigators weren't able to track him down. after some activity on his social security number in minnesota they were finally able to find him. >> it's just to bad its been that many years. i am really happy that he was found and everything is okay. >> his grandparents not expected to face charges. his parents say they plan to go see him as soon as they can. police say that he is now married and expecting his first
8:30 am
child. >> investigators in fremont searching for answers in the first homicide of the year. how the investigation shifted to the police headquarters. >> in less than an hour san jose international will welcome it's first boeing 787 that takes people directly to japan. we will tell you about the investigation in to the air craft that was launched this morning when mornings on 2 continues.
8:31 am
8:32 am
. we have new video of this crash on -- it's on niles road near 880, a multivehicle crash here just off the freeway.
8:33 am
heading over to the union landing shopping center. the best thing for to you do is a void using the off ramp from 880 southbound. looks like a serious crash and looks to be there for a while as they clean it up. let's go back to the deck. >> we have breaking news just in about that tanker that ran in to the bay bridge on monday morning. now we are hearing it's safe to sail again. the information just coming in, a tug boat will take the overseas ship at 10:00 this morning san francisco bay for remares. the meantime the coast guard just announced it has ended and wrapped up it's interviews, collecting all its evidence and made a safety inspection on the oil tanker and that the oil tanker is safe to sail again. new this morning the new boeing dream liner jet will take off from san jose's airport for the first time.
8:34 am
the faa held a news conference tied to all the safety questions about that jet. we are live from the airport with the very latest. >> reporter: we just heard word that boeing 787 dream liner is set to arrive here an hour early. it'll then turn around and then take off, have it's first inauguration flight, it takes off to tokyo but there is growing concern about the safety of the plane. the department of transportation and the faa held a news conference to do a major safety review of the 787 dream liner's electrical system. this week one flight on ana had to be canceled because of brake problems with the plane. that followed a fuel leak that happened on a plane in boston and on monday a dream liner operated by japan had an electrical fire in its battery.
8:35 am
the secretary of the department of transportation said that the plane is still safe. they just want to get to the bottom of why these incidents are happening. >> this review will cover the critical can systems of the air craft including design action manufacturing, and assembly. we will look for the root causes of resent events and do everything we can to ebben sure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: ana will fly to tokyo five days a week. it's the first direct flight from san jose to asia in six years. san jose airport is also the first airport in the barry to have the dream liner that's been called advanced and fuel efficient. we are told it has a rechargeable battery and that make itself very fuel efficient.
8:36 am
we are expected to get a tour of it and we plan on asking the transportation official who are supposed to be here and the head of the airline questions about the developments. reporting live. >> if you plan to fly out of san francisco international you may have delays. the airport is shutting down one of it's main runways for safety upgrade. the closures start at 10:00 tonight, it's going to continue through eight monday. that could mean as much as 45 minute delays for departing flights. this is a first of three weekend closures this month. overnight news police in fremont say a home is the scene of that city's first homicide of the new year. they found the body of a 48- year-old man in the home early yesterday evening. two hours later a 27-year-old man arrived at the fremont police station with his suspected murder weapon to turn
8:37 am
hippings in. both the victim and the suspect lived there at the house. police have not said the nature of their relationship or a possible motive. part of interstate 80 in berkeley was shut down for more than an hour overnight after this four car crash. the first vehicle hit the center divide near the ashby exit. it spun out. it was then hit by an oncoming car. two other vehicles were also tangled up in this. the driver of the first car was taken to the hospital. we have no word on his condition. the highway did reopen by 4:30 this morning. >> we have some sad news to report. one of the famous san francisco twins has died. vivian brown died last night. she and her brother were icons of san francisco. they made their daily rounds with their signature matching outfits, smiling and posing for pictures. they moved to san francisco
8:38 am
from michigan in 1970. they would have celebrated their 86th bothering day together on the 25th of this month. the suspects in a strange plot in pittsburgh could be released from jail by the end of the day. so far prosecutors have declined to file charges in the case. police say a young woman plotted with her lover and three others to commit a home invasion robbery. they say it was to try to scare the woman's estranged husband and make him want to move out of the couple's home. the plot turned deadly when the husband stabbed to death the man who broke in. >> the public memorial will be held tomorrow for the teen who died after a new year's party in south lake tahoe. the body of the 19-year-old was found behind a snow bank one week ago. she had attended a music festival and might have tried to walk three miles back to her hotel. the memorial will be at the casa grande high school gym.
8:39 am
the family wants everybody who attends to wear pink. that was her favorite color. a well that authorities say maicon taken human remains is a lot deeper than first thought. fbi agents are getting ready to dig up the well in the town of linden to look for more possible victims of the speed freak killers. yesterday agents determined the well is 200 feet deep. at first they thought it was 50 feet deep. special equipment reportedly will be brought into drain the well. that may take a few more days. >> happening now the cdc updating the flu season which is in full force. it's happening at a press conference in atlanta georgia and this as the cdc announced a shortage of the vaccine. that could be a problem since 20 children across the nation and two elderly people in california have died from the
8:40 am
illness. between september and december more than 22,000 flu case was reported. the cdc said this season could be the worst in a decade. >> i have had asthma in the past and so i was high risk so i always got the flu shot. >> doctors say if you do get the flu shot it still takes two weeks for it to be effective. i have been meaning to get a shot but i don't have the time but i won't have time if i get sick. sal come on back. everybody behaving? >> yeah. we have had a good drive on the golden gate and in harin. no fog problems on the golden gate. traffic is right coming down to san francisco out of marin with no major problems. bay bridge the same thing. its been right. we had a back up earlier but
8:41 am
after eight it really become light into the city. count acosta, antioch slow traffic. the traffic on interstate 80 is doing well. >> thank you. a very good friday morning. we have turned cloudy. i want to thank everybody. great information today. i keep telling people they are saying it's cold. sunday morning looks to be the coldest. i don't think any breeze. today that breeze kind of saved us. it make itself feel colder but held up on the lows, 20s to 40s, we had that frost and freeze warning. it'll be back tonight into tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover on saturday. some sun, a lost clouds, more so today and a better opportunity for inland showers, scattered, isolated, more so today than yesterday and some very low snow levels. it's certainly cold enough. i saw 25 with the northwest wind at 33 miles an hour.
8:42 am
it's cold out there. it's cold up there and you name it. the system seems to be taking more of a path overland today or at least hugging the coast verses yesterday which we just went parallel to it. 30s on the temperatures, we had 20s, fairfield, vacaville, napa had 20s, east livermore 20s, 26 east livermore. near antioch, i saw 36's, just depends, if you get a breeze and that holds it up, maybe a couple blocks away it may be calmer and the temperature will drop five it seven degrees. there is 30s on the coast. the 46 to 48, north wind all morning long. there is the system and the cloud cover over the north bay. cloudy and 36. lot of this cold air is trapped. a lot of 30s and 40s on the high side. sunday will be the coldest. cool and breezy, is there any good news? next week looks sunny and
8:43 am
warmer. upper 40s, low 50s. rain end of the month. 49 fairfield. 49 antioch, brentwood, warmer weather and it's not that much is by the bay. the water helps. 49 wood side. atherton -- also very chilly 51 degrees. we will have clouds, maybe a few showers, sunday will be the coldest with the weekend always in view. monday morning will be cool but sun and warmer weather will return. >> thank you. >> we left home it was 20 so this is warm. >> i was going to tell you the cheese heads are invading. green bay packer fans say the weather is making them feel at home. how they are taking over. >> we are live in oakland where police are closed in on another home to serve a high risk warrant. what they were looking for and what they found.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. stocks slightly lower. beginning of trading on wall street. it's flat point right now. the sxp500 index was at a high year high at the close
8:47 am
yesterday. right now the dow is up almost -- up one and the nasdaq down one. s and p down three. some democrats are accuse the president of ignoring groups that helped him get reelected. they point to photographs like one in which the president is surrounded by mostly white male advicers. yesterday he appointed -- nominated the treasurey secretary, the 4th white man tapped for a prize post. several women have left including hillary clinton. some democrats called the new nominations embarrassing and disappointing. >> this hour a very critical meeting continues between the president and afghanistan president. they are debating the united states troop withdrawal from afghanistan. as we report from washington changes at the pentagon and the state department coming soon will play a big role in ending
8:48 am
the war. >> reporter: the white house said no hard numbers or timelines will come out of the meeting that's happening right now and part of that has to do with hillary clinton leaving in the coming weeks. the united states war on terror in afghanistan officially ends next year and united states and nato forces are set to leave by the end of 2014 but the president is especially to keeping 3,000 to 15,000 troops in afghanistan after the end of the war. these options could change if john kerry is confirmed as secretary of state. dc insiders say they have suggested's support a full withdrawal by the end of next year. that would leave afghanistan force as -- forces alone. >> with the help we provide
8:49 am
[inaudible] >> the they are speaking to the media together. >> time is now 8:47. let's brick bring up to date on some of the other stores. representatives of the video game violence. they will submit recommendations based on the meetings held this week. >> the family of a teen shot to death overnight in marin city believes it was a terrible mistake. the 17-year-old came to the bay area for a visit celebrating his birthday just four days ago. his body was found just after midnight. he had been shot two to three times. his relatives believe the gunman mistakenly thought he had stone some of his drugs.
8:50 am
so far no arrests have been made. and we are finding new details about several police raids in oakland and beyond this morning. tara has the latest from oakland so what do you know? >> reporter: we are here at 43rd and telegraph where they just finished another raid. this he had detained two people but let them go. the arrests weren't made. joining me live is captain joiner with the oakland police department to let us know what was going on. i know there were a lot of warrants served across the city. >> this is an effort to curb some of the violence in the city. we have had a rash of gang related shootings in east oakland. we have identified people involved in an active gang and this was our efforts to gather intelligence for the shootings, arrest people and recover firearms. >> reporter: now how many arrests were made this morning? >> all together we had a total of maybe seven to eight people detained.
8:51 am
we are still waiting on charges. i can physical you that some of the individuals are arrested for gun charges. . >> reporter: what have you recovered? >> big thing is we recovered firearms we believe are involved in open investigations. then second we recovered a lot of intelligence in regards to open crimes as well as gang enhance mints and involvement. >> reporter: i know earlier we were at a location that was off 580, can you tell us anything about that particular raid. do you know any of the specifics there? >> i can't go into specifics but -- we served six warrants from santa cruz down to -- here in the bay area. we had the assistance of santa cruz police department, swat team, alameda and contra costa helping us. >> reporter: okay are you
8:52 am
pleased the overall effort? >> i wish we could have gotten more evidence but what i'm pleased about is that the people involved in gang activity, in the violence, know we aren't asleep at the wheel and are looking at the individuals and trying to bring closure. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. that will do it for this morning. sever raids going on. we will keep you updated on the news at noon. >> thank you. ten minutes before nine san francisco's famed gold dust lounge will celebrate it's grand reopening this afternoon. the new low indication is on jefferson street. to celebrate the bar will be serving 25-cent irish coffee between four and seven. the gold dust lounge had to move from its location in san francisco after its landlord leased to a tenant interested in using the space for retail. an anticipation continues to build for this weekend's big
8:53 am
playoff game between the 49ers and the packers. >> reporter: the city is being invaded by green and gold because of the 49er game against the packers tomorrow. >> we have always been treated well. the san francisco fans are a lot of fun. >> reporter: and that's good they are being treated well because they are giving a big boost to the local economy during what's normally a slow time of year for the tourist spots around town. hotels say they are filled with packer backers. the game is also getting more niner fans out and about. spending money at restaurants and on fan gear just like they did for the giants. >> it's great that the whole city is excited about the sports teams. there will be wings, beer and have a good time. >> reporter: sports bars are running specials for game day to get more people in and the city is lit up in 49er red. the tower is a blowing beacon
8:54 am
of red and the ferry building also decked out in support of the team. of course better the team does the 49ers -- than the fan fever will last -- i don't know about you but we have a lot of world series champs, jackets and stuff under our christmas tree. more niner gear means more money. >> all right. thank you. let's hope the niners are not as pleasant hosts to the packers tomorrow on the field. you can watch game day coverage. the play book starts at 4:00 p.m. followed by fox's pregame show at 4:30. kickoff just after at 5:00 and after the game mark ibanez hosts the point after. >> still ahead the first lawsuit, they have been filed over that deadly shooting in oakland. why the family members of the victims going after the school. >> good morning. 8840 northbound you can see traffic is moving slowly
8:55 am
driving up to the area. ogñbii'ó
8:56 am
8:57 am
. two families suing oikos over the deadly shooting rampage there last year. seven people were killed when suspected gunman opened fire on the cam pause in april. the lawsuit was filed in alameda by families of two of
8:58 am
the victims. they say the school should have known he was dangerous because of disagree mens he had with the school staff before the shootings. >> a quick traffic note. chp has just partly reopened the grapevine. its been closed for 16 hours because of snow and black ice. chp is escorting southbound cars so that's helpful for people heading the bay area to the central valley down to la. 16 hour closure. that's a huge back up. >> i just saw my twitter feed blow up about that. if you are going to los angeles there could be still delays because you will be escorted through. here in the area right now the traffic is not that cold. we are looking at the country on 880 northbound past the coliseum and little bit slow into downtown. bay bridge from oakland to san francisco not bad. it's a nice drive. no major problems, metering lights are off and if you are on the east shore freeway
8:59 am
traffic looks good. >> i know it's cold. clouds coming in. it'll trap the air, it'll be a cool day. could be a few isolated showers, a berter opportunity today or into saturday. sunday will be the coldest. some 20s, monday morning cold and the rest of next week looks sunny and nice. >> game time for the 49ers. >> 49 degrees. >> good omen. >> room not kidding, 49 degrees. >> there you go. that's the report for this morning. we thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch us at noon for more on the first dream liner flight out of sfa. thank you for joining us.

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